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Amber Dawn (ed.): Fist of the Spider Woman

Amber Dawn (ed.): Fist of the Spider Woman

Tales of Fear and Queer Desire. CAN 2009, 190 pp., brochure,  19.95
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Traditional horror often portrays female characters in direct relation to their sexual role according to men, such as the lascivious victim or innocent heroine - even vampy, powerful female villains, such as the classic Spider Woman, use their sexual prowess to seduce and overwhelm married men, This is a revelatory anthology of horror stories by queer and transgressive women and others that disrupts reality as queer women know it, instilling both fear and arousal while turning traditional horror iconography on its head. Subversive, witty, sexy, and scary, this book poses two questions: »What do queer women fear the most?« and »What do queer women desire the most?« It spins a multi-dimensional, multi-genre web that is sexy, grown-up, queer, kinky, and foul-mouthed.
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