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Del LaGrace Volcano, Ulrika Dahl: Femmes of Power

Del LaGrace Volcano, Ulrika Dahl: Femmes of Power

Exploding Queer Femininities. UK 2009, 191 pp., brochure,  27.99
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What is femme? French for woman? A feminine lesbian? A queer girl in a frock? Think again! Going beyond identity politics and the pleasure of plumage, this is a photographic tribute to a diverse range of queerly feminine subjects whose powerful and intentional redress explodes the meaning of femme. Celebrating the growing femme presence in a dozen European and North American urban queer communities, here you will meet, among others, members of London's Bird Club, Atlanta's Femme Mafia, San Francisco's Harlem Shake Burlesque and Paris's Fem Menace. The first book of its kind, featuring essays and portraits of everyday heroines and queer feminist icons, including Michelle Tea, Pratibha Parmar, and Kate Bornstein, replaces femme invisibility with a new face for femme-inism.
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