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Amin Ghaziani: The Dividends of Dissent

Amin Ghaziani: The Dividends of Dissent

USA 2008, 419 pp., brochure, € 29.99
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Marching on Washington is a hallowed tradition of American political protest, and demonstrations led by the women's rights, civil rights, and anti-war movements all endure in popular memory. Between 1979 and 2000 four major lesbian and gay demonstrations took place there, and while these marches were some of the largest of their time, they have been sorely overlooked. Drawing on extensive archival research, historical data, original photographs, interviews with key activists, and news articles, this book analyzes these marches, their surrounding context, their organization, and the role of infighting in defining what it means to be a sexual minority in the US. It is meant to expand our understanding of the history of gay and lesbian activism during a critical period.
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