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Simone Thorne (ed.): Best Lesbian Love Stories 2009

Simone Thorne (ed.): Best Lesbian Love Stories 2009

USA 2009, 219 pp., brochure,  14.79
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Falling in love with another woman has never been more exciting and memorable than in this new installation of the »Best Lesbian Love Stories« series, a collection of stories that dive into the hearts of beautiful women world-wide. Discover new levels of love and the spectrum of emotions that comes with it. Whether it begins on a sunny day or by the river, the journey into love will always be unforgettable. The women in this new collection aren't afraid of opening their hearts and laying them out on the table for you to read. More important, they aren't bashful about anything. So sit back and let these ladies take you on a wild ride. Cheyenne Blue describes the »North Star Dyke«. Pamela S. Gallien reflects on »A Higher Love«. And Allison Wonderland goes into »The Felicity of Domesticity«.
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