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Nicole Foster (ed.): Ultimate Lesbian Erotica 2009

Nicole Foster (ed.): Ultimate Lesbian Erotica 2009

USA 2009, 237 pp., brochure,  14.79
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When she's around, the world melts away, and there is nothing left but pleasure. She explores your body, her hands gripping your thighs as she makes her way around your body with her tongue. There are no boundaries or corners left untouched. She wants you, all of you. And she won't stop until she has you squirming and screaming for more. She's your fantasy. The new installation of the »Ultimate Lesbian Erotica« series salutes female sexuality at its finest. Journey from tale to tale, and discover what women reach out for when they're longing for another woman. Get ready because 2009 is filled with the most unforgettable fantasies ever. The editor and the contributors promise you won't be disappointed.
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