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Mickey Erlach (Hg.): Boys Will Be Boys

Mickey Erlach (Hg.): Boys Will Be Boys

USA 2008, 267 pp., brochure,  16.29
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With hot stories of first time experiences written by veteran authors of gay erotica, mixed in with equally hot stories by first-time authors, the stories will keep you up at night and wanting for more. The book opens with »Granddad's Woodshed« by Jay Starre, and the steaming pace is revved up page after page right up to the second of two novellas, »Perfection« by Kyle Sullivan. We know you'll enjoy these stories of young men, some straight, some bi, and all questioning, experiencing the lust and touch of another man for the first time. Whether in a woodshed, a truck stop, Mom and Dad's basement, the back seat of a Trans Am, a college frat house, or an artist's studio, they may be having their first experience, but they are definitely having a hot time, and they keep coming back for more, just as you will.
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