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Johnny Diaz: Miami Manhunt

Johnny Diaz: Miami Manhunt

USA 2008, 280 pp., brochure, € 13.29
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Score is the hottest gay bar in Miami's South Beach. And for friends Ray Martinez, Ted Williams, and Brian Anderson, there's no better way to start the weekend than by checking out the steady stream of beautiful Latin men coursing in and out of Score's doors. While Miami is home to the most gorgeous males ever created by god or a lifetime gym membership, Ray, resident movie critic, would give the dating scene a 1* review. Tired of hooking up with sculpted, shallow hunks who use books as weights, Ray is thrilled to finally meet a guy he wants to take home. Ted has enjoyed all the perks of his celebrity status. But being overexposed has its downside. Ted's longing for a deeper connection spurs a reckless move that could cost him everything. Brian has a life of leisure with his fabulously wealthy older boyfriend. The key rule to their open relationship: no sleeping with the same guy twice. But ever since Brian met a Puerto Rican love god, it's a rule he keeps breaking.
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