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Larry Duplechan: Got 'Til It's Gone

Larry Duplechan: Got 'Til It's Gone

USA 2008, 208 pp., brochure,  16.49
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This is the first novel by Larry Duplechan in 15 years, and the 4th to feature his alter ego protagonist Johnnie Ray Rousseau, a gay black man of Louisiana Creole stock. Before there were »b-boys« or the down-low there was Johnnie Ray - black, gay, proud and hot as a sidewalk in July. When we first met Johnnie Ray in »Blackbird«, he was a gay teenager in love with the star of a high school play. Now he's 48, still handsome and gym-built, but admittedly vain and looking down the short road to fifty. In the midst of a midlife crisis, he falls for a much younger man with some serious Daddy issues. Throughout it all, Johnnie Ray tries to look at love (and his life) from both sides now (to borrow a phrase from his idol Joni Mitchell). »Got 'Til It's Gone« is a queer romantic comedy for the ages.
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