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Jim Grimsley: Jesus Is Sending You This Message

Jim Grimsley: Jesus Is Sending You This Message

USA 2008, 217 pp., brochure,  12.39
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An expedition into the complex nature of human existence, Jim Grimsley's elegant and dexterous stories slowly take an iron grip on his readers and offer a vision of a stark, and often unforgiving, world. The author of »Comfort & Joy«, »Dream Boy«, »Boulevard«, and »The Last Green Tree« explores the dark edges and limitations of the human soul in this collection: a bachelor believes Jesus is sending him a message on his commuter train. An oil tycoon finds the meaning of life in a wayward jet. A young Southern womanhopes to find a larger purpose to life before it's too late. Grimsley's fondness for fantasy and sci-fi elements, such as human cloning, often show up in his stories, lending writing another layer of the fantastical.