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Sean Fisher (Hg.): Frat Sex 2

Sean Fisher (Hg.): Frat Sex 2

USA 2008, 210 pp., brochure,  12.95
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Frat boys have always been the guys you've fantasized about. Just exactly what goes on in a fraternity house after hours? What really gets spanked on those initiation nights? Well, there is no need to wonder any longer, because you're about to go to bed with all these secrets. Following the success of »Fratsex«, comes »Frat Sex 2«. The fraternity house has been exposed, and all of the frat boys' secrets have been revealed in this erotic story collection. Imagine being locked up in a room with the campus stud on initiation night, or getting a hard-on for your fellow frat brother as you roughhouse. Does it matter if he's straight or gay? He wants you, and that's all that matters. The guys in this homoerotic collection won't dissappoint. They'll take you on a rollercoaster ride and only pull the brakes when they're done ramming right through you.
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