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Tom Santopietro: Considering Doris Day

Tom Santopietro: Considering Doris Day

USA 2008, 388 pp., brochure, € 12.39
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The biggest female box-office attraction in Hollywood history, Doris Day remains unequaled as the only entertainer who has ever triumphed in movies, radio, recordings, and a multi-year weekly TV series. America's favorite girl next door may have projected the kind of wholesome image that led Oscar Levant to quip, »I knew Doris Day before she was a virgin«. Day's acting and singing range (which ran the gamut from musicals to comedy to drama and made her nothing short of a worldwide icon) were underappreciated and effortless. Covering the early Warner Bros. years through Day's triumphs working with artists as varied as Alfred Hitchcock and Bob Fosse, the biographer deconstructs the myth of Day as America's perennial virgin.
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