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Jean-Marc Barr (R): One Two Another

Jean-Marc Barr (R): One Two Another

F 2007, OF, engl. UT, 95 min.,  27.99
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Pierre and Lucie are siblings who feel as though their bodies are two halves of a whole. They share everything, from their time spent away from home to their sexual conquests amongst friends. When they aren't discussing their intimate thoughts and emotions, they play in their rock band, go to clubs, get drunk, and share their bodies amongst a close-knit group of friends. As adolescent urges and hormonal impulses reach boiling point, tensions begin to fray. One night, Pierre doesn't come home. With Lucie growing ever more desperate to find him, and rumours of a brutal crime circulating, she is devastated to learn of his murder. Disillusioned with the efforts of the local police, Lucie decides to take matters into her own hands, using her new found sexual prowess to obtain answers in a perverse microcosm of a teen society.