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Eric Marcus: Making Gay History

Eric Marcus: Making Gay History

USA 1993, 534 pp., brochure,  14.59
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From its beginnings shortly after WWII to the current campaign for civil rights in the age of AIDS, the struggle of gay and lesbian people to gain dignity, visibility, and equal treatment under the law has been one of the most dramatic and inspiring political movements of this century. Eric Marcus’s acclaimed »Making History« was the 1st account of this period to be told in the words of the courageous men and women who participated in it – a group of nearly 50 Americans, both prominent and unknown, straight and gay, who come from all corners of the US. From the period when homosexuals were routinely beaten by police to the day when gay rights leaders were invited to the White House, »Making History« is the story of an inevitable and unstoppable struggle that has succeeded in bringing about changes in American society that only a few years ago would ahve been unimaginable.
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