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Radclyffe: Winds of Fortune

Radclyffe: Winds of Fortune

USA 2007, 270pp., pb,  17.95
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The winds of fortune are fickle guides. And happiness or heartbreak may be the destination. For Provincetown local Deo Camara, the only winds that have ever blown her way have been cold and lonely. Despite a decade of estrangement, however, Deo can't turn her back on the call of blood, no matter how high the price in heartache. Nita Burgoyne has her own family secrets, a past so painful she starts a new life in hopes of leaving it behind. She has a rewarding new job. Both women have nothing in common except a shared legacy of betrayal by those they'd trusted the most, and an impossible attraction they would both prefer to ignore. Meanwhile Nita's new associate, and her partner must cope with the aftermath of the winds of war and the approaching of a very real storm.
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