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Marina Grzinic, Rosa Reitsamer (eds.): New Feminism

Marina Grzinic, Rosa Reitsamer (eds.): New Feminism

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»New Feminism« analyzes the worlds of Feminism, queerness and networking. One way to point to the »new« in feminism is to locate it at the junction of the postcolonial, the post- and transhuman, the cyber, the transnational, the color and queer struggles. If we are queering sexuality, we need new mapping on the nomadic organization of our pleasures and desires. This includes new modes of accountability and of speaking about one's own experiences. The times when »speaking out« was a subversive model of public intervention are truly over. The gender question is an instrument in achieving other political aims besides redressing gender justice, though there may also be an effect on the latter. Contributors to this volume are amongst others: Judith Butler, and Eva Blimlinger.
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