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Andrews and Austin: Stellium in Scorpio

Andrews and Austin: Stellium in Scorpio

USA 2007, 236 pp., brochure,  14.79
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Andrews & Austin were a screenwriting duo in L.A. for years before becoming writers of lesbian fiction. Their new book is about the passionate reuniting of two powerful women on the glitzy Las Vegas strip, where everything is an illusion and love is a gamble. L.A. screenwriter Teague Richfield heads for the Desert Star Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, laser-focused on her hot reunion with Callie Rivers, the gorgeous, psychic astrologer who's had their relationship on planetary pause. But Callie is intent on discovering why a young Vegas showgirl is on the ghoul pool list, and who's behind the hotel's darkest secrets. The casino proves to be a place where murderers and kidnappers are indistinguishable from theater performers and hotel staff, and where Callie and Teague ultimately become the targets of sexual blackmail.
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