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Nicolas Hytner (R): History Boys

Nicolas Hytner (R): History Boys

UK 2006, OF, engl. UT, 107 min., € 15.99
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Set in a grey and grim Northern Grammar school in the 1980s, this British comedy follows the fortunes of an unruly bunch of bright 6th form boys in pursuit of a place at Oxbridge. However, their loyalties to the popular, eccentric and poetry-spouting English teacher, Hector, and the dry, prim history mistress, Mrs Linnott, are torn when a young, highly driven and results orientated supply teacher, Mr Irwin, is recruited to ensure they achieve the grades that the Headmaster is so desperate for them to realise. As they prepare for exams and admissions, the boys' journey becomes a reflection on how education works and where it leads. Posner thinks he's gay, which makes him think he's in love with heartthrob Dakin. But Dakin is dating school secretary Fiona, and the uncertainty of Dakin's affections turns out to be a roadblock for several people.
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