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Felice Picano: Art and Sex in Greenwich Village

Felice Picano: Art and Sex in Greenwich Village

USA 2007, 265 pp., brochure,  17.95
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Almost a decade after the Stonewall rebellion lit the political fuse of Gay Liberation in 1969, its impact on the arts remained minimal. While a handful of gay plays, films, and a small number of gay-themed books were available, few of these reflected the new, out-of-the-closet realities of the post-Stonewall scene. That landscape began to change in 1977, when Felice Picano launched a small press devoted to gay books, Seahorse, and author Larry Mitchell set up his own gay press, Calamus Books. By 1981, these men joined forces to create Gay Presses of New York, the most visible and influential publisher of gay books of its time. Together they brought out work by then unknown but soon-to-be established authors such as Harvey Fierstein, Dennis Cooper, Martin Duberman, and Robert Glück, as well as many more up-and-coming poets, novelists, and playwrights. In the process, GPNY played a vital role in the growth of gay popular culture.