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Rock Hudson, Sara Davidson: Rock Hudson: His Story

Rock Hudson, Sara Davidson: Rock Hudson: His Story

USA 2007, 234 pp., brochure,  13.89
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Throughout his career, Rock Hudson kept his private life private. However, when it became known in 1985 that he had AIDS, his first concern was that the public know the real story of his life. Drawing on interviews with Rock Hudson, his letters, photographs, documents (including his 30 years' worth of scrapbooks kept by his mother), and unlimited access to his closest circle of friends and colleagues - Doris Day, Juliet Prowse, and Susan St.James, among them - Sara Davidson has written the book that tells the intimate story of his life and career. Rock Hudson was a caring, funny, and love-filled man who only wanted to entertain and live his life openly, never wanting to hide his lifestyle or those he loved. The book openly discusses his homosexuality and the relationships he had with other men, men who he loved dearly. It discusses his much publicized, fake marriage to Phyllis Gates as well as his struggle to maintain that tough Hollywood image that was forced on him.