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Tonne Serah: Drop ... Dead - The DJ Murders

Tonne Serah: Drop ... Dead - The DJ Murders

USA 2007, 188 pp., brochure,  11.95
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Dropping was no big deal for Joey. Everyone at Klub Galaxy took »party favors«. They were circuit boys and lived the fast-lane life of sex, drugs, designer jeans, and disco dancing. That is, until the night the DJ dropped - dropped dead - and a trail of clues leads Joey across the dancefloors on both sides of the Pacific Rim and to a shocking discovery. In the tradition of Armistead Maupin's »Tales of the City«, this book offers an unvarnished view of the gay party scene and a multi-cultural, metrosexual, gender-bending cast of characters - including an Asian-American hero, a straight couple, a 1970s activist who turned into a circuit boy, a police officer of ambiguous gender, a sinister transsexual, and the hilarious but ominous »pod boys«.
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