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Lawrence Schimel (ed.): Best Date Ever

Lawrence Schimel (ed.): Best Date Ever

USA 2007, 220 pp., brochure,  15.69
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The author of »Two Boys in Love«, »Boy Meets Boy« and »PoMoSexuals« has put together a heartfelt, often humorous collection of stories about gay dating based on real-life experiences. Not every date turns out to be perfect. Not all dates come up to our expectation. Everyone knows that. But it's not the bad dates Schimel is interested in. His approach is to look at successful dates, those that work from the beginning: from love at first sight to special moments in the beginning of relationships - gay men have got other definitions for dating than heteros have. It seems that - as soon as no sex is involved - the whole date tends to be ill-fated. The romantic aspects seem to be of less importance. Schimel's intention is therefore to bring back feelings into gay dating: showing it can be fun anyway.