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Naomi Alderman: Disobedience

Naomi Alderman: Disobedience

UK 2007, 277 pp., Pb,  12.95
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In suburban north-west London, where leafy avenues wind into the countryside beyond, the Orthodox Jewish community of Hendon quietly conducts its daily life. But then a beloved Rabbi dies, and his passing brings his wayward daughter home. For the past 10 years Ronit has been living the life of a modern New York woman, who is in love with a married man. Returning home she's been looking to catching up with old friends, perhaps settling old scores. But it soon becomes clear, that Hendon and Ronit don't fit. Her home has become a more sunsetting place than she had anticipated. And when she reunites with her childhood girlfriend Esti, who has taken a very different path in life, it's not long before the two women are forced to confront their pasts and to examine the difficult choices they have made.
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