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Julie Burchill (A): Sugar Rush DVD

Julie Burchill (A): Sugar Rush DVD

UK 2005-2006, engl. OF, engl. UT, 521 Min., € 39.99
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Sugar Rush explores the world of Kim and her earth-shattering lust for the gorgeous and sassy Maria Sweet, otherwise known as Sugar. And if Sugar wasn't enough to blow Kim's mind, there's also her dysfunctional, embarrassing family - a mini-freak for a brother, an obsessively house-proud dad and a mum who's behaving as if she's the one who's 15 years old. Each episode is a different journey inside Kim's world as her wry observations take us into the mind of a screwed up, loved up, lustful adolescent experiencing the bright lights of Brighton and the rush of forbidden love for the first time. Sugar Rush, the riotous exploration of what it means to be young, horny and queer in 21st-century Britain, returns for a second series. It's 18 months later and Kim is 17, out, proud and living life to the full on the Brighton lesbian scene... in her dreams. In truth, she's holed up in her bedroom with only her A Level revision and an electric toothbrush for company. Her best friend Sugar isn't getting any action either, but she's got a good excuse: she's serving time in a Young Offenders Institute.
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