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Salvatore Sapienza: Seventy Times Seven

Salvatore Sapienza: Seventy Times Seven

USA 2006, 242 pp., brochure,  15.69
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»Jesus instructed us to forgive those who have wronged us seventy times seven times,« Brother Vito teaches the boys in his high school religion class, but it's Vito himself who has the most trouble with forgiveness: trying to forgive the church, the gay community, and most of all, himself. Just a few months from his final vows as a brother in the catholic church, Vito finds himself at the crossroads, torn between his spirituality and his sexuality as a fully out and proud gay man. Will a summer of volunteer work at an AIDS center in San Francisco - and a love affair with Gabriel, a recently divorced landscaper - help Vito decide his calling and his future? Blessed with epiphanies, the protagonist Vito chooses to celebrate his desire, reminiscent of Walt Whitman's »Song of Myself«.
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