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Vernon B. Clay: Friends, Lovers, and Roses

Vernon B. Clay: Friends, Lovers, and Roses

USA 2006, 367 pp., brochure,  19.39
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This fast-moving romantic drama follows three gay African-American couples (and their Puerto Rican confidant) through the twists and turns of building (and sometimes, destroying) relationships. Their stories - funny one moment, frightening the next - reveal the hard truths about the journey from lust to love and about the choices they make along the way. The book introduces you to three couples, all in different stages of their relationships. You'll meet David, a sweet, passive man who can't break the hold of his abusive live-in lover Allen. And, Stephen, who leaves his girlfriend and young son to pursue the sexuality he's been hiding with Jamal, a mysterious man with a shocking secret. And, Sarafina, who's desperately seeking to escape a powerful lover from her past as she builds a future with Dominique. And, finally, Damien, who's seen more than his share of heartache and heartbreak.
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