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Jaffe Cohen: Tush

Jaffe Cohen: Tush

USA 2006, 361 pp., brochure,  14.79
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After his zodiac chart is read by a great psychic, Joel Eisenberg studies astrology and becomes the most famous media queen in the field. The author of a best-selling book and a nationally syndicated radio show regular, Joel manages to parlay his intuitive skills, gift for gab, and unbridled shamelessness by getting all the cute guys home for a reading and convincing them to expose their rear ends for a dose of »chakra balancing«. But his life's about to change dramatically. There are no more phone calls and Joel is publicly humiliated on his radio show. Believing that he should travel north to meet the soul mate who's been predicted for him, Joel goes to Cape Cod looking for a man who »paints houses«. Joel moves into the home of Dennis Fairchild, a successful artist with a stupendous rear end. But is he really his soulmate?
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