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Alex Sanchez: Getting It

Alex Sanchez: Getting It

USA 2006, 213 pp., hardback, € 16.59
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It's embarrassing enough that Carlos Amoroso is 15 and the only virgin among his friends, but he's never really kissed a girl. The object of Carlos's desire, Roxy Rodriguez, is popular and hot - and has no idea that Carlos is alive. But watching a TV show one night gives Carlos an idea: what if he got a makeover from Sal, the guy at school everyone thinks is gay? Asking Sal to do him a favor is harder than it seems, because Carlos is worried that if any of his friends see him with Sal, they'll think that he's gay too. In return for making Carlos over, Sal wants help starting a Gay-Straight Alliance at their school - not exactly something Carlos is dying to do. In this humorous novel about first love, Alex Sanchez again brings honesty and insight to the trials of growing up.
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