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K. G. MacGregor: Just This Once

K. G. MacGregor: Just This Once

USA 2006, 228 pp., brochure,  13.89
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Wynne Connelly is the marketing manager for a major travel organization and her job requiresher to attend regular meetings at the company's Orlando headquarters. Paula McKenzie is second-in-command on the night shift at the Weller Regent, an upscale business hotel in Orlando - the same hotel Wynne stays in whenever she's in town. Paula finds herelf intrigued by the twice-monthly guest, who possesses an aura of mystery and elegant beauty. When things grow hectic one night at the front desk, Paula emerges to lend a hand - just in time to greet Wynne at check-in. Their exchange borders on mild flirtation and both women come away feeling sparks. Soon they begin spending time together and share more than just a kiss. And while Paula is elated at the prospect of the budding romance, Wynne is alarmed at her loss of self-control.
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