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Rick Copp: The Actor's Guide to Greed

Rick Copp: The Actor's Guide to Greed

USA 2006, 277 pp., brochure,  13.89
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Getting butchered at the hands of serial killer in the »high concept« slasher film, »Creeps«, was supposed to revive former child star Jarrod Jarvis's career. Instead, it's a celluloid »Titanic«. While nursing his wounds at the post-premiere party, Jarrod runs into Wallace Goodwin, one of the former writers on the beloved 80s show that made Jarrod a star. He's shocked to discover that the neurotic, egotistical Wallace has penned a play bound for London's West End, with a scene-stealing part for Jarrod. Jarrod's hitting the boards in London, and the boards are hitting back, big time. As much as the actors all seem to loathe one another, they truly resent Jarrod. Jarrod's only friend in the cast is the formidable Claire Richards. No one can play a death scene like she does. But this time her death scene's for real.
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