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Jeffrey N. Chernin: Get Closer

Jeffrey N. Chernin: Get Closer

USA 2006, 227 pp., brochure,  14.79
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Each relationship is as individual as the men who are involved. Rather than rely on a one-size-fits-all approach to relationship success, the author helps each of us to acquire a better understanding of ourselves and how we engage in intimate relationships. The following questions are being answered: how can I build a long-lasting partnership? Why am I afraid to get closer? How can I open myself to deeper, more intimate communication? How can I put an end to ongoing fights and stalemates with my partner? How can I meet someone to share my life with? Having counseled gay men for a long time, Chernin shows how everyone can build a strong, lasting relationship. He guides us through our readiness for a relationship and how to find a likely partner. Then he provides strategies to work through the differences that inevitably arise, enhancing our ability to maintain the intimate connections many long for.