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Sherill Trippins: February House

Sherill Trippins: February House

USA 2005, 317 pp., brochure,  21.95
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The story of an extraordinary experiment in communal living: a fevered yearlong party fueled by the appetites of youth and by the creative ambition to live and work to the fullest several artists shared February House at Brooklyn during 1940 and 1941. In spite of the sheer intensity of life at the house, it was for its residents a creative crucible. Carson McCullers's masterpiece, »The Ballad of the Sad Café«, was born in Brooklyn, and Gypsy Rose Lee, workmanlike by day, party girl by night, also wrote her book »The G-String Murders« in this house. W.H. Auden collected rent money and strictly enforced curfew, all the while composing some of the most important work of his career. »February House«, enlivened by primary sources and a dishy story, masterfully recreates daily life at the most fertile and improbable live-in salon of the 20th century.