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Tom Graham (ed.): Cowboys - Gay Erotic Tales

Tom Graham (ed.): Cowboys - Gay Erotic Tales

USA 2006, 228 pp., brochure, € 14.79
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The real rodeo starts when the spurs are hung up and the chaps come off. 24 stories of roping and riding on the open range. Saddle up and go for a long, hot ride. There's nothing better in this world as a sexy cowboy - mounting another cowboy. In this sensational collection of gay erotic fiction, today's top erotica writers offer up stories of devious cattle rustlers seducing naive farm hands, dangerous outlaws breaking in small-town deputies, young, hung buckaroos wrangling each other, and duels not on the streets but between the sheets. These maverick writers take readers on a hot and heavy, no-holds-barred trip through the Good Old West to the New West, where »ramrod«, »six-shooter«, and »hog-tied« take on entirely new meanings.
Schwul > Erotica
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