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Judith Halberstam: In a Queer Time & Place

Judith Halberstam: In a Queer Time & Place

USA 2005, 213 pp., brochure,  29.99
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In her first book since the critically acclaimed »Female Masculinity«, Judith Halberstam examines the significance of the transgender body in a provocative collection of essays on queer time and space. She presents a series of case studies focused on the meanings of masculinity in its dominant and alternative forms - especially female and trans-masculinities as they exist within subcultures, and are appropriated within mainstream culture. The book opens with a probing analysis of the life and death of Brandon Teena, a young transgender man who was brutally murdered in small-town Nebraska. After looking at mainstream representations of the transgender body as exhibited in the media frenzy surrounding this highly visible case and the Oscar-winning film based on Brandon's story, »Boys Don't Cry«. Halberstam turns her attention to the cultural and artistic production of queers themselves.