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Aiden Shaw: My Undoing

Aiden Shaw: My Undoing

USA 2006, 308 pp., brochure, € 16.95
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The star of more than 50 adult films ranks as one of gay porn's all-time favourite performers. His films from Falcon, Catalina and Studio 2000 have brought him international celebrity. Now, for the first time, the real Aiden Shaw shares in unsparing details his personal stories about the sex and drugs that have fueled his private life. However, the book also follows him through a course of rocky and unfulfilling relationships. As Shaw points out, the romantic life of an adult film superstar can be lonely and wanting for love. But not only in the form of a significant other - also love from within himself. The book also reveals his Irish Catholic upbringing, his open HIV-positive status, and his recovery from a near fatal car accident that left him paralyzed temporarily.
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