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Neil Miller: Out of the Past

Neil Miller: Out of the Past

Gay and Lesbian History from 1869 to the Present. USA 2006, 678 pp., brochure,  18.39
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In this updated and revised edition of this classic narrative history, the author chronicles gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender lives beginning in 1869 when the concept of homosexuality was invented. This volume traces each step in gay culture since that time: from the age of Walt Whitman to the trials of Oscar Wilde and Radclyffe Hall to the Stonewall riots to the present, including frontier cowboys and Native American berdaches, women's friendships and »Boston marriages«, gay havens from Jazz Age Harlem to New York's Chelsea district, gay and lesbian life in Belle Époque Paris, Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, McCarthy's America, and Castro's Cuba, and gay marriage in the States and internationally.
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