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Timothy J. Beck: Someone Like You

Timothy J. Beck: Someone Like You

USA 2006, 340 pp., brochure,  13.69
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Vienna is one beautiful sister who isn't going to be dependent on any man ever again, thanks to her cheating, should-be-dead ex. When she's not selling overpriced mascara to rich snobs, Vienna's checking out the scenery. Not that she wants another man much. Davii, the top hairdresser at CosmicTology, is fast with the wickedly funny quip and with the shears. Nobody puts one over on Davii. But what he really craves is a nice guy to come home to. A guy who makes him want to be a better guy. A guy who looks like Derek. Derek never planned to become a kept man, but it's hard to give up waffles delivered by room service. But now it's time for a new Derek: new life, new friends, new job. And who better to help him take those baby steps toward independence than Christian who has cornered the market on charm. His sales skills have won him a fawning clientele.
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