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Ed Polish, Darren Wotz: That's Queen Bitch to You!

Ed Polish, Darren Wotz: That's Queen Bitch to You!

USA 2006, 130 pp., spiral-bound book,  11.39
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A saucy treasury of regal sophistication, gleeful provocation and irreverence. The eagerly anticipated follow-up to »You Say I'm a Bitch Like It's a Bad Thing«, this collection of feisty declarations tackles sex, love, betrayal, ambition, menopause, motherhood, pets, housework, diet, hairstyles and more... Featuring vintage advertising images paired with bold and defiant affirmations, this fun little flipbook walks a thin line between vulgarity and hilarity with brazen humor and a daring dose of bitchiness. The spiral-bound book slides smoothly into its slipcase and has an easel back for easy display on a desk, nightstand, or any flat surface screaming for estrogen attitude. A perfect hostess, birthday, or friendship gift for bitches of all ages.
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