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Sage Vivant, M. Christian (eds.): The Best of Both Worlds

Sage Vivant, M. Christian (eds.): The Best of Both Worlds

USA 2005, 232 pp., brochure, € 25.95
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Scorching erotica for everyone who loves both men and women. Rejected by the popular girl he's got a crush on, Todd finds satisfaction in the arms of his high school's only »out« gay student. Two dark-skinned lesbian lovers go on the prowl for a »white boy« to take to their bed. A clandestine real-life encounter between a married man and the woman he met on the Internet takes an unexpected turn when the lady's husband arrives. Jennifer and her husband Will hit the swing clubs in Amsterdam - with Will's ex-girlfriend as their guide. Just a few of the scenes to be encountered in this collection of bisexual erotic fiction and memoir. The unbridled heat of these stories is undeniable. But beyond that the true nature of bisexuality is being explored. Whether your preference in erotica is male-male, female-female, threesomes, orgies, swinging, bondage, or dominance and submission - there's something here that will tempt, titillate, and inspire.
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