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Joe Babcock: The Boys and the Bees

Joe Babcock: The Boys and the Bees

USA 2006, 138pp., brochure,  10.79
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James loves Andy but Andy loves Mark, a situation complicated further by the fact that this love triangle unfolds secretly in sixth-grade Catholic School. No one in St. Marks is aware that Andy, a budding comic book writer, is obsessed with Mark, the captain of the school's basketball team. To Andy, falling in love with a straight boy seems as hopeless as his own unlikely quest to join the team and become a star basketball player alongside the object of his affections. However, all is not lost. Mark is on the outs with his girlfriend, whom all the boys are crazy about. All except James, the »school-fag« and Andy's childhood pal. Only now Andy wants desperately to lose James, whose more obvious sexuality threatens to open the closet door on Andy.
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