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Carolyn Soutar: The Real Nureyev

Carolyn Soutar: The Real Nureyev

USA 2006, 192pp., hardback,  22.99
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This backstage memoir takes an intimate look at the complicated life and outrageous times of ballet's greatest hero Rudolf Nureyev. The biographer, who worked with Nureyev in London during the 1980s, focuses on a period of Nureyev's life when his career was drawing to a close and this once phenomenal dancer began to call himself »Old Galoshes«, in recognition of his fading powers. From his close friends we learn of the changes in Nureyev: from a young man eager to learn, searching for perfection in a body he believed to be flawed, to the knowledgeable and difficult superstar that he would become. The ghost of Rudolf Nureyev is doggedly pursued by the biographer - who knew and idolized him — in this sometimes charming collection of memories from the author and those who knew the dancer best, like his lover-turned-live-in-friend Robert Tracy and Australian Ballet hands Bill Akers and Roger Myers.