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Rex: Speeding

Rex: Speeding

The Old Reliable Photos of David Hurles. USA 2005, 152 pp., brochure,  25.49
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For over 40 years David Hurles documented the hidden world of rough trade and rent boys posing, masturbating, wrestling, or boxing. His models ranged from drifters and grifters to hustlers and ex-cons. His photographs were ubiquitous fixtures in gay publications throughout the 70s and 80s and continue to enjoy a strong following today. David Hurles's mentor was Bob Mizer, creator of the celebrated gay male photography studio Athletic Model Guild. For Hurles, California offered opportunities to observe these less fortunate, but handsome and talented men who ultimately found their calling in less than honorable ways. As a documentary of youthful male ambitions, these photographs vibrate with self-assurance and dangerous sexuality.
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