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Witi Ihimaera: The Uncle's Story

Witi Ihimaera: The Uncle's Story

USA 2000, 373 pp., brochure,  15.69
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This may well be one of the best queer novels of the last few years. Michael is a Maori activist whose Pakeha boyfriend, Jason, pressures him to come out to traditional family. At his sister's wedding he spills the beans and is quickly disowned. His boyfriend leaves him at the same weekend. The turmoil of his situation leads to the disclosure that Michael's uncle Sam, hitherto unspoken of, was also gay and similary disgraced from the family. The book reconstructs Sam's life in Vietnam an his tumultous and erotic relationship with Cliff, an American helicopter pilot, while following while following Michael's life and gradual pursuit of queer Maori family values. Highly readable and totally engrossing, this is a fitting continuation of the Mihana family saga.
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