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James Robert Parish: Katharine Hepburn - The Untold Story

James Robert Parish: Katharine Hepburn - The Untold Story

USA 2005, 328 pp., hardcover,  25.30
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One of the most singular performers of the 20th century, Hepburn was known as a no-nonsense woman who flouted the rules of stardom. Yet her biographer believes her mannish attitudes, attire, and manners were far more indicative of her sexual nature than a reflection of her role as a pioneering feminist. According to the biographer, Hepburn's offstage image as a frank, plainspeaking woman was a sham, a role she adopted to deflect accusations of being a lesbian. The case, which the author builds on gossip and hearsay, suggests her love affairs with men were business maneuvers or publicity stunts. Conversely, the author speculates Hepburn had romantic liaisons with Broadway producer Irene Selznick and socialite Laura Harding.
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