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Lev Raphael: Writing a Jewish Life

Lev Raphael: Writing a Jewish Life

USA 2005, 166 pp., brochure,  13.20
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In »Writing a Jewish Life«, novelist Lev Raphael with unflinching honesty his struggles to claim both his religious and sexual identities, and the happyness he subsequently found. A son of Holocaust survivors, Raphael came to a positive Jewish identity late in life and his gay identity even later. He descirbes growing up in unmistakably Jewish but nonreligious home, discovering a Jewish community, early sexual exploration, the turning point that came with writing his first autobiographical story, and life with his partner Gersh and their two sons. It was »coming out as a Jew«, Raphael writes, that »ultimately made it possible for me to come out as a gay man and then work at uniting the two identities.«
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