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Andrew Holleran,  Donald Weise: Fresh Men 2

Andrew Holleran, Donald Weise: Fresh Men 2

USA 2005, 358 pp., brochure,  14.95
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The new book in the LAMBDA Award-winning series »Fresh Men 2 - New Voices in Gay Fiction«, brings together the very best stories of emerging gay authors. With equal parts sensitivity and irreverence, this collection of homosexual stories speaks to a broad range of gay experiences. From coming-out to coming-of-age, from finding love to living in a post-gay world - these 20 extraordinary stories highlight the complexities of how we live today. Andrew Holleran, the introducer of this anthology, is the author of highly acclaimed novels like »Dancer from the Dance«, »Nights in Aruba« and »The Beauty of Men« which was named a Notable Book of the Year by the New York Times.
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