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Judith Watt, Peter Dyer: Men & Dogs

Judith Watt, Peter Dyer: Men & Dogs

USA 2005, 160 pp., brochure,  16.20
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»Men & Dogs« is a stunning piece of book. It contains 80 images of famous people and their dogs, from Kevin Costner to Robbie Williams, from Winston Churchill to Jilly Cooper, from Yves Saint-Laurent to David Duchovny, drawn from contemporary and archive sources. They are an amazing collection of photos, covering a century of dogs and their owners. But the book is far more than a picture book, with fascinating text, full of anecdotes, and dog lore, which shows people in a fascinating new light – through the story of their relationships with their pets. The book is a dog-lovers' dream, as well as a unique slice of social and fashion history, revealing the dogs chosen and adored by men over the past hundred years. The dog people cover the worlds of film, art, literature and much more.
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