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Stéphane Gerschel: Putman Style

Stéphane Gerschel: Putman Style

F 2005 (English edition), 192 pp., hardbound,  48.30
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»Not only is Andrée Putman a wizard of design - she is also a muse that inspires timelessness«, said Jack Lang, former French Minister of Culture. Andrée Putman was first cut above the rest when, 20 years ago, she conceived the first boutique hotel, the Morgan. She was also the one to open a new path for modern design, reinstating the importance of major designers among informed professionals. Since then, Putman's eclecticism has led her to embrace projects as diverse as the Guggenheim Museum, the Azzedine Alaïa boutique and Peter Greenaway movie sets. Today, the designer's elegant and bold style is known throughout the world, from Los Angeles to Shanghai, a city where she created numerous projects. »Putman Style« is a journey into the world of an uncommon designer, one which acquaints the reader with the influences and taste that inspired this amazing woman.