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Helmut Graupner, Phillip Tahmindjis (eds.): Sexuality and Human Rights

Helmut Graupner, Phillip Tahmindjis (eds.): Sexuality and Human Rights

A Global Overview. USA/UK/AUS 2005, 244 pp., brochure, € 27.99
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Human rights issues exist globally, particularly when they have to do with sexuality. This book focuses on the controversial issues of human sexuality and the legal challenges that LGBT individuals face. Internationally recognized legal experts discuss the status of important human rights laws pertaining to sexuality from around the world. This unique, up-to-date examination of the legal issues involving LGBT individuals' rights around the world reviews the latest rulings, such as the adoption of minors by homosexual or bisexual parents, the legal acceptance of marriage between same-sex couples, whether the gender-reassigned can be legally considered their true gender identity, and more. It illustrates the journey our worldwide legal systems have traveled, and the path stretching before them, until the destination of equality and acceptance in sexuality may finally be reached.
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