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Pawel Pawlikowski (R): My Summer of Love

Pawel Pawlikowski (R): My Summer of Love

UK 2004, engl. OF, 83 min., € 29.99
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Out on the moors lonely Mona meets Tamsin, a rich, well-educated girl who's her own age but seems older with her self-confidence. Tamsin lives alone in a large appartment with her actress mother away and her father having an affair with his secretary. While Mona has just got hold of a moped, without an engine, still brilliant. She lives with her brother, Phil who used to run a pub before he found god and pured away all the booze. Both are looking for companionship, and after some teenage pranks together and dancing to an old Piaf song, the two end kissing in a mountain pool. Meanwhile, Phil is buidling a massive cross that he and his followers carry up the hill overlooking the town, to expunge the devil in the valley. As Mona and Tamsin pledging love until death, Phil gets the idea that Tamsin is the devil incarnate.
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