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Joe Babcock: The Tragedy of Miss Geneva Flowers

Joe Babcock: The Tragedy of Miss Geneva Flowers

USA 2005, 342 pp., brochure,  14.79
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Like many gay sixteen-year-olds, Erick Taylor dreams of being a star. But that's a tall order when you're unpopular, stuck in Catholic school, and your Bible-thumping parents make life a holy terror for a closeted gay kid. All of this changes in a snap, however, when Erick meets Chloe, a »grandiloquist« drag queen. With a glam rock makeover and a pair of platform shoes, Erick finds the courage to out himself to the world als Miss Geneva Flowers. Yet his headfirst dive into the fast-lane of dating, clubbing, and crystal meth comes with a high price. Erick finds himself lost suddenly in his new life, and only his courage and self-love can save him.
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